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Insulating glass production line


Two or more sheets of quality glass of different performance are sealed with a highly air-tight adhesive through a two sealing process.Between them an aluminum alloy spacing frame is inserted and drying agent is filled between the space of the alloy frame so as to ensure complete dryness of the air(or inert gas)in the gap between the glass sheets.Currently in China two types of sealed insulating glass units are used. Annealed clear glass, tinted glass, solar reflective glass, Low-E glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass and curved glass, etc. can be used to form insulating glass according to demands.
TIt may be widely used in fields,such as civil buildings(e.g.Household,hotel,hospital,library,exchange room,radio room,computer room),industrial structures requiring thermal-and acoustic insulation,the place needing temperature control or temperature retention(e.g.Windows for veh icles and train,control tower of air port),and any place to be pre-vented from condensation.